Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have been on a kick lately in making pillows. THEY ARE SO FUN TO MAKE!!!
My first pillow actually is a place mat. MY FAVORITE FINDS!! I found this great pink place mat with the sweetest embroider white flowers for .95 cents....YUP!! It was $7.00 dollars off. YEAH!!! You can always find great place mats at Crate and Barrel and Pier One.

All you have to do it unpick a corner and stuff. Sew it up and you have a PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL pillow!!!

This pillow I fell in love with over at V and Co.
She recently has been on TV showing a great tutorial on how to make this pillow. Click HERE for the tutorial.

When I found my favorite material for my chair, click HERE for the story.
I had noticed this great green with white polka dots. I knew I had to make a pillow out of it. So, I created another version with ruffles. It turned out so cute!!!

Here are all my cute pillows all together!!! LOVE THEM!!!

They look cute on my PERFECT chair!!!

I had this table forever that I had painted brown years ago. So, with a sweet new redo of green, it looks perfect.

The pillow passes. Nice and Comfy!! It has been loved, thrown and whacked across sisters and it is still all together!!!

I found this at Burlington Coat Factory and fell in LOVE!! It was one of those things I couldn't walk away, it had to be mine. We found a perfect spot for it on my wall. It makes me smile every time I walk by.

Now it is all put together. Next project is that mirror..what color should I paint it???? That was my great $2 find.


The Smiths said...

So cute! I was just discussing with Tyson yesterday that we needed new pillows. I made the ones for our living room, but they are so flat and skinny. Maybe I needed to stuff them more?? Any suggestions? These are dang cute. I am loving the green, BTW. Would it be too much if the mirror were green?

Angela said...