Friday, May 28, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Here is what we did for my daughters teachers to tell them "THANK YOU". We made a little movie box for them. We added snacks and a Redbox envelope (that I made) with a dollar in it to rent a movie on us...they loved it. Fun and easy!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Fix..For Cold Fingers and Otter Pops!!!!

My kids (and husband) LOVE, I mean LOVE Otter Pops in the summer, thank goodness Costco sells them in a case of 200!! BUT, the problem is their little fingers get so cold eating them. My sister saw this idea on this BLOG and I was sold. First you need some fleece, my Mom had this fleece at her house we used....

I just measured it around the otter pop to get the right size and cut a square.

Then fold it in half, sew the side edges together. I did something a little different then the BLOG we read. I left the bottom open so it could move up with the ice.....(I am so smart ;o))

And there you have it a sweet little holder for your kids otter pop...NO MORE COLD FINGERS!!! YEAH!!! Let the Otter Pops eating begin ;o)

Cute Flower Clip Hanger/Display

My sister and I found this really cute way to hang her cute flower clip on a blog (we can't find the link to the blog, if this is your idea let me know, I would love to give you credit). My sister I guess I can say, has become OBSESSED with cute clip flowers to put in her (unborn) baby girls hair ;o) When she arrives she has flowers to match every outfit. I can't wait!!! Anyway, we got together and made this cute display canvas for her.

First we bought a 16 X 20 canvas at Michael's. And then my sister painted it brown to match her little girls nursery. After it dried (of, course) we laid out the ribbon across the canvas, the way she wanted it to look. She added some really cute more decorative ribbon to give it some fun character (the orange and blue ric rac looking ribbon). After that was done we just stapled them with a electric staple gun ( my fav), you could of course hot glue them if you would was so fun and SO easy to make. After we were done, we just stapled some extra ribbon on top to hang it from a nail. It's ready to go, just add the cute clips and you are DONE!!!

Sorry this is the wrong way..OOOPPPPSSS (just turn sideways)

The finished product....isn't that adorable!!!

We found the idea on