Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Fix..For Cold Fingers and Otter Pops!!!!

My kids (and husband) LOVE, I mean LOVE Otter Pops in the summer, thank goodness Costco sells them in a case of 200!! BUT, the problem is their little fingers get so cold eating them. My sister saw this idea on this BLOG and I was sold. First you need some fleece, my Mom had this fleece at her house we used....

I just measured it around the otter pop to get the right size and cut a square.

Then fold it in half, sew the side edges together. I did something a little different then the BLOG we read. I left the bottom open so it could move up with the ice.....(I am so smart ;o))

And there you have it a sweet little holder for your kids otter pop...NO MORE COLD FINGERS!!! YEAH!!! Let the Otter Pops eating begin ;o)

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