Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Quick, Fun Gift!!

I needed a fun quick gift for a friend. I have been LOVING the dry erase board using frames. I decided to make her an 8 X 10 frame, but using holiday scrapbook paper, so it can be used all year and add that fun holiday touch to your home. 

I bought at Walmart a 8 X 10 frame for 3.96. The fun thing using frames you have a ton of sizes to choose from, your options are endless.

I gave it a coat of black paint (don't you love my painting towel, it has many years of projects on it). You can also by the same frame already black in the store, but I love the distressed look, so I stick to the brown. When you apply the black paint, you don't have to make it perfect, because you are going to take the sand paper to it right after.

This is what it will look at all distressed...GORGEOUS!!!

I bought some holiday themed paper and cut it to size. I am going to put the extra paper inside the frame so she can changed it each month. I just did it for the next 3 months, but you could easily do it for a Christmas gift and have a year worth of holiday paper cut and ready to go. Just throw in a dry erase marker and you are done. It was fun and easy and can't wait to give it to her!!

Click HERE to see another idea for a dry erase board.

The Smell Of Cut Wood!!

I can tell you the smell of cut wood is one of my favorite smells (my husband thinks I am crazy) going in the lumber section at Lowe's smells so good.  I have been getting into making furniture, it is so FUN, when you finally finish a project and can sit on the furniture and it feels sturdy, it is SO exciting!!! Here is my latest builds!!

I usually love to paint my furniture and then distress it, but this time I decided to stain it..I used the "Miniwax", Red Mahogany 225 and LOVED the way it turned out. I only used one coat, because it was deep and rich with just the one. Then used the "Miniwax" Polyurethane , clear semi gloss. I did 2 coats on the whole table and then an extra coat on the top.

I decided I wanted to have an exposed bolt, I loved the way it turned out.

The grains of the wood turned out fantastic with the stain, gorgeous lines.

I decided to make a matching bench. My thoughts were to make 2 matching benches, so the kids could each have one, then on LONG bench. I just winged making this one and my measurements were a little off in size. But, it still works. Now, I just need to make my second one :0)

I used a variety of plans to make these from Ana White, her BLOG makes you feel like you can make ANYTHING!!! I LOVE it...
Have fun and build the perfect furniture for your house.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Are We Going!!

I saw this great idea on on Pinterest (which I am totally, utterly OBSESSED with) LOVE IT!!! It was a fun way to make a dry erase board and a fun visual for the kids to see what is going on. I bought the frame at Walmart for 11.96.

I can't wait to get it on my wall.
Here is the BLOG that I got my inspiration from NEXT TO HEAVEN.