Sunday, April 10, 2011

Toddler Bed

My 4 year old was feeling out of place. She shares a bed with her older sister and now wanted a bed of her OWN. We didn't have room for a twin at the moment, so I decided to make a toddler bed. I found a great site that had a step by step tutorial on how to make one. 
I went to Lowes the next day and got all the wood and started cutting, sanding, and painting. It was sooooo FUN and EASY to make. My husband didn't want to feel left out, he loves playing with power tools has much has I do, so he took the afternoon and helped build. And, now I have a happy 4 year old with her own space. 
We have had it done for 4 days and she has slept in it once. Oh well, she has a great little space to keep her stuffies!!!

I used Baby Blue spray paint, by Valsper. I sanded the edges with 60 grit and then with Delta, Semi-Opaque Burnt Umber acrylic paint and painted the edges, then put a sealer on it. It turned out SOO CUTE!! She was SOOO excited!!

The funniest thing, I spent an hour priming and painting. Then I started to take the sander to it....if you listen right now you can her my husband saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU JUST GOT IT DONE". Then you can here my 11 year old saying "DAD YOU KNOW THAT SHE HAS TO GIVE IT HER ALI TOUCH". Enough said!!!

My little helpers trying out the finished product!

Wiping it down


Then the girl moved in...if you look close enough, 

Sound asleep...aaahhhhh. Another project finished!!!

Click HERE for a great step by step tutorial.


Fleece Pillow

My Sister emailed me the other day and said, "here is your next PILLOW to make". And she was RIGHT, it was the cutest pillow I had ever seen and HAD to make one RIGHT AWAY!! I went to the store the next day and got all the fabric. It turned out so CUTE and it was SOOOOO EASY to make. Now, my 3 girls all want one, so back to the store I went and let them pick out their colors. We will see when I get theirs done.

If you HAVE to make one like I did, Laura from 
COME TOGETHER KIDS, has a perfect step by 
step tutorial on how to make one. 
 Happy Creating!!