Monday, March 14, 2011

YEAH, a Finished Project!!!

I saw this idea done on one of my sister's friends blogs...I have wanted to do it for years. I finally completed the project. I LOVE IT!! The thing I love the most, is my 2 year old son loves it. He looks over at it when he goes to bed at night and says, "LUKEY" and giggles. It was such a fun and easy way to personalizes his space.

The "L", I got using a 40% off coupon at Joann's, the "U" and "E", I got at Hobby Lobby and the "K" was bought at Wood Connection in Utah, if you have never been there, it is a must. It's one of my favorite stores, but beware your creative juices will start flowing!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have been on a kick lately in making pillows. THEY ARE SO FUN TO MAKE!!!
My first pillow actually is a place mat. MY FAVORITE FINDS!! I found this great pink place mat with the sweetest embroider white flowers for .95 cents....YUP!! It was $7.00 dollars off. YEAH!!! You can always find great place mats at Crate and Barrel and Pier One.

All you have to do it unpick a corner and stuff. Sew it up and you have a PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL pillow!!!

This pillow I fell in love with over at V and Co.
She recently has been on TV showing a great tutorial on how to make this pillow. Click HERE for the tutorial.

When I found my favorite material for my chair, click HERE for the story.
I had noticed this great green with white polka dots. I knew I had to make a pillow out of it. So, I created another version with ruffles. It turned out so cute!!!

Here are all my cute pillows all together!!! LOVE THEM!!!

They look cute on my PERFECT chair!!!

I had this table forever that I had painted brown years ago. So, with a sweet new redo of green, it looks perfect.

The pillow passes. Nice and Comfy!! It has been loved, thrown and whacked across sisters and it is still all together!!!

I found this at Burlington Coat Factory and fell in LOVE!! It was one of those things I couldn't walk away, it had to be mine. We found a perfect spot for it on my wall. It makes me smile every time I walk by.

Now it is all put together. Next project is that mirror..what color should I paint it???? That was my great $2 find.

I Am In LOVE!!!

Growing up I drove my MOM crazy, when it came to sewing. She is a great seamstress and has sewn my whole life. When I needed a dress for a dance, I would create this dress in my mind. My Mom and I would go shopping and I would tell her I want these sleeves on this bodice and the bottom to look like that but, like this in the front. I had the dress all planned out in my mind and they were always BEAUTIFUL!! My mom put up with my inventions and made her best dress to what I had in my mind. She was a saint. They always turned out perfect. She would work with my crazy designs, BUT when I got older I started putting the dresses designed with great material. She would always tell me, I can make the dress, but, I can't do anything about the material. We would shop and shop till I would finally find something that would work. 

OK, so my rambling has brought me to a point.
I bought a chair years ago that I have wanted to recover. I actually didn't have the exact material I wanted in my mind, but I did want a gray background, but it had to have RED and PINK flowers with a gorgeous green, if I could find it. I have looked and looked for this perfect material. I kept finding white backgrounds, with either red or pink flowers but not both. 
My Mom came into town and we were once again looking around for THAT PERFECT fabric. After a few stores and no luck. We stopped by HOBBY LOBBY to look at there great collection of cotton duck with amazing prints. But, still no luck.
As we were leaving, this lady had just pulled out their new shipment of material..and can you BELIEVE it..laying there on the ground was MY MATERIAL, the material I had been looking for, for years. I was SOOOOOOOO excited. Here is what my gray background with red AND pink flowers with green in it looks like:

Isn't it PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Sadly the material was cotton, so not thick enough to recover a chair. So, we my mom got piece of denim material, I had at home and quilted the PERFECT fabric to it and made it thick enough to put on my chair. 

The finished product. Doesn't it look amazing. I LOVE IT. Now, I just need to paint the chair....HHHUUUUMMMMM, any suggestions????


We had 4 snow days and were stuck in our home for a few LONG cold days. I had an extra canvas around the house, so we went to work making a masterpiece. I divided the canvas into 4 area's and we spent the afternoon painting and creating. It was really fun. Now I have a perfect masterpiece for our playroom.

It looks so great on the wall and the girls were so PROUD!!

Too find out how to make the EASY and FUN clip board click HERE .

$3 Dollar Make Over!!!

I LOVE THE $3.00 frames at Walmart. Cheap, fun to paint and they look FABULOUS after. I bought 2 different frames with different textures. The first one was a little more dressy and plastic not wood. Here is what it looks like right from the store:

After a coat of paint. I just painted, took a paper towel wiped off some of the painted and It's DONE. Simple and cute!!

This plate I have had seriously for over 15 + years. It is sooooo heavy and has many, many layers of paint. I love it. It is so old that the plastic plate is pealing away from the paint. 

And here it is all done with a great printable. (I know I am a little late for the whole Valentines day theme) ;o)

Next here is the $3.00 wood frame from Walmart.

I painted it black, sanded the natural wood back through, and your DONE.

So, cute with another printable inside.

Go out now, buy your $3.00 frames and have fun creating!!!!