Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Smell Of Cut Wood!!

I can tell you the smell of cut wood is one of my favorite smells (my husband thinks I am crazy) going in the lumber section at Lowe's smells so good.  I have been getting into making furniture, it is so FUN, when you finally finish a project and can sit on the furniture and it feels sturdy, it is SO exciting!!! Here is my latest builds!!

I usually love to paint my furniture and then distress it, but this time I decided to stain it..I used the "Miniwax", Red Mahogany 225 and LOVED the way it turned out. I only used one coat, because it was deep and rich with just the one. Then used the "Miniwax" Polyurethane , clear semi gloss. I did 2 coats on the whole table and then an extra coat on the top.

I decided I wanted to have an exposed bolt, I loved the way it turned out.

The grains of the wood turned out fantastic with the stain, gorgeous lines.

I decided to make a matching bench. My thoughts were to make 2 matching benches, so the kids could each have one, then on LONG bench. I just winged making this one and my measurements were a little off in size. But, it still works. Now, I just need to make my second one :0)

I used a variety of plans to make these from Ana White, her BLOG makes you feel like you can make ANYTHING!!! I LOVE it...
Have fun and build the perfect furniture for your house.

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