Wednesday, March 2, 2011

$3 Dollar Make Over!!!

I LOVE THE $3.00 frames at Walmart. Cheap, fun to paint and they look FABULOUS after. I bought 2 different frames with different textures. The first one was a little more dressy and plastic not wood. Here is what it looks like right from the store:

After a coat of paint. I just painted, took a paper towel wiped off some of the painted and It's DONE. Simple and cute!!

This plate I have had seriously for over 15 + years. It is sooooo heavy and has many, many layers of paint. I love it. It is so old that the plastic plate is pealing away from the paint. 

And here it is all done with a great printable. (I know I am a little late for the whole Valentines day theme) ;o)

Next here is the $3.00 wood frame from Walmart.

I painted it black, sanded the natural wood back through, and your DONE.

So, cute with another printable inside.

Go out now, buy your $3.00 frames and have fun creating!!!!


The Smiths said...

Very cute and I love the subway art. I am needing some frames for an upcoming Relief Society thing, so maybe I will do that. Thanks for the idea!

Angela said...

OH i love this!

Angela said...

After looking at this again, I should of just flown you over to do my mirror for me. LOL Your the best!