Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother-in-law Fun Easy Birthday Present

It was my Mother-In-laws birthday and I had NO idea what to get her. We had recently just got a well over due family picture taken. So, I decided I wanted to do something with that picture. I pulled out the Mod Podge and went to work.

Items you need:
*A favorite picture (any size)
*Piece of wood that will fit the picture
*brown paint to show the favorite is by Delta (Burnt Umber..SEMI opaque)
*Your favorite color of paint
*Mod Podge
*sandpaper (I love to use my Dremel tool)
*picture hanger

Paint your wood first, I left just a small margin to show the paint color. Then cover your picture with Mod Podge. Test the corner of your picture first to make sure your ink on the picture isn't going to smear. I got mine developed at Costco and had no problems. That was a great idea from Amy at MOD PODGE ROCKS. When doing the Mod Podge I like to do brush strokes going all the same way, then after you apply it all over, take your brush and go the opposite way, it makes it look like it has a canvas feel to it.

After many coats of Mod Podge, sand the edges. You can use regular sandpaper, I love to use my Dremel tool, it gives it a little more character.

Then use your distressing paint to give it a vintage look. I used Burnt Umber SEMI- Opaque.

Just put a picture hanger on the back and your done. Fun and simple. She loved it.

It was a fun gift to make that can go on a wall of just leaning up against something....


Anonymous said...

Hey there, I have just found your blog through Mod Podge Rocks on FB. You have some fantastic ideas and I love this one, perfect for my mum for mothers day!!! Thank you for sharing. Helena from NZ

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I used my sons google account, I don't have one!!! lol

Stacie said...

This is AWESOME! You could do so much with this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing...and linking to my I {heart}mom link!! :)