Thursday, May 3, 2012

HUGE Frame!!!

I purchased this poster of our family off of Paper Coterie, I LOVED it!! But, how do I display it??? I got an inspiration off of PINTEREST...I saw this great tutorial that Monica and Jess did over at East Coast Creative. I needed it done on a smaller scales then they I made a template out of poster board, traced it on my wood and cut it out with my jig saw. I also wanted it to have more color. I am in LOVE with grey and white right I choose those colors to do my stripe. I wanted to use a molding to frame the picture to give it more of a framed look...I was just going to do white. But, my husband said it would look good yellow to contrast with the picture...WHAT?!?!?! What a great idea...check one for the husband. He was a very proud being color blind making a decision 
that I used :0)
I LOVE when a vision in my head turns out..YAY!!!

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