Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am Ready To CRAFT!!!!

I FINALLY am moved in and am ready to decorate and CRAFT!!! I am soooooo excited. I have missed the excitement of having an idea and making it a reality!!!

Here are few pictures of what I have decorated so far, they are not completely done, but it is fun to play with....

I found this sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby (love this place) for $5.00 bucks, I had to have it, the colors are a lot more vibrant on the plaque. SOOOOOO cute!!

More finds at Hobby Lobby. I wanted a clock and fell in love this one awhile ago, so when it went 50% off it was MINE!!!! The "HOME" sign I found for clearance for $8.00..YEAH!!! It matched the clock perfect.

And the amazing finds on my wall.....I framed and added my girls art work from school, it turned out cute!!!

Here is my favorite shelf, with my favorite Willow Tree figurines....

The WALL...yes, the pictures are all crooked, every time someone runs through the living room they move..which is ALL day long ;o) And yes those are golf clubs...I have them all over the house. My husband works from home and when he needs a break, he putts around the living room ;o)

My mantle. This is the first time I have had a mantle. I have so many idea's in my mind, but this is stuff I have around my house to make it a little homey for now. I have changed a few times since this picture. I have family picture in the red frame now.

Thanks for coming to play.......I have another project I worked on all weekend...stay tuned it is coming up next!!!!


Kelli said...

looks wonderful so far! Enjoy!

Kelli @

Angela said...

Your Amazing can you do my house next!!