Monday, November 3, 2008

SHHH!!! Morgan's Christmas Present

I decided to make Morgan a bigger magnet board for Christmas!! It was SOOO fun!! I Mod Podged some fun scrapbook paper I had and got a bigger magnet board 12 X 18!! I then made some of my favorite things..marble magnets. I made them with the matching scrapbook paper :) Very fun, I can't wait to give it to her :)
Here is the website to make the marble magnets...HERE

The scrapbook paper Mod Podged on....

Then I filed the excess paper off and gave it a antique feel with some semi-opaque brown paint....

The finished product....

Making the magnet marbles...I just glue the magnets to the paper, cut out and then glue the magnets to the back.....

All done with magnets...Now I just have to wait for Christmas!!! :)

Wall Plaque

This is the easiest to make..any size of wood and sayings..paint and apply the looks great on any wall!!

This is a fun magnet board...I purchased the vinyl and the wood, painted it a fun brown!! The metal shingle is bought in a few sizes at Home Depot in the roofing section. The edge I sanded down with my Dremel favorite tool!!

Christ Saying on Frame

I just bought the vinyl for this and then applied it to a $3 Walmart easy. It looks cute hanging from a ribbon with your wall showing through!! It also looks cute just to put scrapbook paper behind it...just leave the back on it.

Christ Frame

This was really fun to is made with the Christ pictures by Greg Olsen. It was really easy to is the website you can get the instructions off of....

I made this one for Morgan's room..I just used the little kids Greg Olen pictures and printed of a sweet saying!!

Fun Wall Art...

My favorite thing to buy is place mats...I have made many pillows from them. Crate and Barrel is my favorite store to shop for them..they are inexpensive and make a fun easy project!! I found these place mats and just wrapped them around different size gave color to my dull hall way!!


I made this a while ago, it is a fun vinyl leather looking mirror!! I just used an old frame covered it in brown vinyl and then had a mirror made to was a fun project. My Dad and I made it one night...very fun memories, getting my Dad all crafty :)

Fun Way To Display Your Kids Art Work!!

This is my favorite thing to hang my kids art work in a fun, cute way!!